Dear Church Leaders and Teachers…

Thank you for volunteering your time to help parents bring Christ into the lives of our children.

Thank you for take the time to share with them about the bible.  

I understand that you are not responsible to teach my child about their faith…that is my job…you are there to enhance it…highlight…to give another perspective….a chance to gather and grow in discipleship.

I pray you take this responsibility with great care.  I have seen some teachers and leaders at church take this responsibility very serious and strive to do God’s will.  And I have seen and experienced some who truly need to understand they are doing more harm than good.

I appreciate it when you truly pray and prepare what you are going to teach and share with these kiddos.  This reflects your act of love….your willingness to live out not only Gods love but His mercy….His WORKS OF MERCY.

I am sure you do not take this responsibility lightly.  Some of you have taken on the responsibility of preparing a group for a sacrament…please, please, please understand you are being given the privilege and the burden to help us parents bring our children to heaven…to be saints.  With this responsibility you are in my prayers.  I pray you reflect on all you must do to best provide faith growth for these young minds.

Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to share with you.  Please know I write this out of love….I write this as a parent striving to always lead my child to God and His beautiful son, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.

You are always in my prayers and thoughts….

PS…Dear Readers….is there a church leader/teacher who you need to thank?  Or do you need to lovingly remind them they have a responsibility that they are not living up to!?  It’s never easy to speak the truth when it has some hard truths that need to be shared.  Take comfort in the WORKS OF MERCY….lean on ADVISING for your guidance.

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