Dear Hubby…

Thank you for being the amazing man you are!  

You recently made some big decisions for our family that were life giving.  That were about sacrifices not selfishness.  You put aside pride and wants to be the man of God I know you are.

You continually strive to walk in the footsteps of Christ.  You have been learning the the beautiful way of how Christ lived His love for his people, the church, is like the bridegroom is to his bride.

As we teach our daughter about what to look for in a future spouse, how the man who wants to one day marry her must be willing to bring her to heaven and must be willing to die for her….I reflect on how you continually grow in this and be this…thus model this for her.

Thank you for being my rock in this amazing life.

Thank you for having always been the reason why I continue to grow deeper in my faith….thus deeper in love with you!

I love you….now….always….forever….
~Kelly 😉

PS….Dear readers….do you have a loved one you should take the time to write a letter to!?  To speak to!?  To show your gratitude and mercy to!?

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