I have a dear wonderful friend who also writes a blog.  Her message is always thought provoking, inspirational and beautiful.  Her blog is called LETTERS FULL OF LOVE.  I love her title.  It has been inspiring me with thoughts of how, when I journal each morning I basically write a letter to God.  It has become my comfort, my way of talking with God first thing in the morning when I sit down with my tea, after my rosary and before my main movement of body for the day (IE: exercise).

It has been inspiring me to share my blog as if it were my letters to God, to loved ones, to others I may have something I want to share information with.  Since I just finished two weeks with the Works of Mercy I am feeling even more drawn, compelled, to share, to turn some…many….of my postings into a letter.

Think about it…..what happens when we write a letter to another person?  Our approach becomes different….it hopefully softens….it becomes personal rather than general.

When we write or speak to a large group we tend to get into generalizations as well as attack…especially if we want to defend or justify a cause.  Now we can be just as harsh if not more so when we are with an individual but I believe we tend to take pause before we pounce when it is more personal…one on one.  And when we are harsh face to face sometimes it is because we are allowing pride to use us.


When we give in to mercy and have it behind the steering wheel, then there becomes room for others to receive our love…our mercy…our information to share.   

I only want to sow seeds of love….

I only want to sow seeds of wholeness: mind, body, soul….

I only want to sow seeds of mercy….

With that I say….

Dear Readers,

Hi!  It is so nice to meet you here!  Thank you for reading my posts.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to be a ripple in my wave.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.  I am humbled that you choose to read what I have to share with you each day.  I may not know who some of you are but please know YOU ARE in my prayers always!!!  I always ask GOD to press upon my heart each morning a person…a name….a situation to pray specifically for.

May your week be filled with amazing compassion…mercy…and love!  May you feel compelled to write your own….letters of mercy….letters of compassion….letters of love!

Many hugs and prayers always my dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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