Spiritual Works of Mercy: Comforting


…walk with others through their pain…offer words of encouragement to those who seem discouraged….offer positive words to fellow students or coworkers who are having a difficult time with tasks…

I think many people find this hard to do because they don’t want to sound contrite.  I think it is because people try to say TOO MANY words.  When really less is more.  I find myself truly listening to the persons WHOLE story…concern…problem….and waiting.  Usually from the moment I hear a person is having a problem I start saying a prayer that GOD takes over and guides me with my ears, my heart, and my words.  Most of the time I truly don’t remember what I said.  And when that happens I KNOW IT IS FROM GOD.

…be present to those who are struggling or in emotional pain or despair….offer sympathy to those who are grieving….

This can be difficult for some to put into practice.  Our human nature doesn’t like to see others in pain…or grieving….BUT it is PART OF HUMAN NATURE….it is part of growth.  I find it comforting to know I can be a shoulder for someone.  I truly find comfort and peace just holding someone who feels broken.  My hope is always that my arms are a vessel for Christ.  So that as I hold and console a person they feel like they are in the arms of Christ.

Give peace and comfort to someone in need today…tomorrow…this week….you’ll not only provide comfort and love to someone but it will do your heart and soul good as well!

Hugs and blessings dear readers….friends…family…..
~Kelly 😉

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