Spiritual Works of Mercy: Advising


This one is not enjoyable.

To be courageous yet compassionate in calling people and institutions to be faithful to Gospel values. To intervene in situations in which people are clearly doing harm to themselves or others.
To respond to negative and prejudicial comments with positive statements.
To put an end to gossip by walking away, and set a good example for others.

I have had to multiple times share a TRUTH of faith with someone….and they DID NOT like what I had to say or share.

I have lost friendships because of speaking the values of the Gospel.

I have most definitely intervened when someone has been morally harmful to another. Being POSITIVE is truly the easiest of these for me.

But walking from negative or gossip talk is difficult for me.  I usually try to turn the conversation around to bring the positive out and instead I end up getting sucked in.  I just recently found myself frustrated with a person of authority and it was very difficult for me to not speak negatively about this person.  I realized I was not being merciful and I MUST try to put myself in their position and realize I am not them….thus I CAN NOT JUDGE THE SITUATION.  And my bantering about it is not and will not be loving and Christ giving.

This is truly not an easy Work of Mercy to live but it is truly important to live.  The more practice we have with this Mercy the better we get at living it….then the closer we become to truly being like Christ and his disciples.

Do you need to flex this Work of Mercy “muscle” better? or more?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 😉

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