Spiritual Works of Mercy: Instructing

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are how we are able to help others (family, friends, neighbors, etc) with their spiritual and emotional needs.

INSTRUCTING is how we are able to learn about our faith and then being able to share our understanding of it to others……share our insights, knowledge, and skills with others.

I like the description of it as being a “tutor” to others about things.

I don’t struggle with this one.   I think this SPIRITUAL WORK OF MERCY is right up my alley.  My daughters education is the top example that comes to mind.  My role is to INSTRUCT her in every aspects of her life!  I AM TO BE HER INSTRUCTOR of life…..of faith….of EVERYTHING!  I will not “contract” it out to someone else.   I love listening to PARENTING ON PURPOSE.  Dr. Bob Barnes talks about how so many parents today want to “contract” out responsibilities of even learning communication skills to others (coaches, schools, church, etc) rather than being that first teacher to their children.  This resonates within me.  It is the whole reason why I know GOD put it in my heart to home-school.  I DID NOT WANT SOMEONE ELSE to be the first teacher of life for my daughter.  I didn’t want someone else to have her for the bulk of her waking hours.  How could I possibly be an influence in her life a true mentor of faith, life, everything if someone else has her for over 8 hours a day.

I believe because GOD purposed this in my heart it has become second nature for me to want to tutor, mentor, instruct with others as well.

How does INSTRUCTING with the SPIRITUAL WORKS OF MERCY look like in your life!?

Hugs and blessings my dear readers…..friends…family…
~Kelly 😉

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