Corporal Works of Mercy: Bury the Dead

…bury the dead….

This is probably one of the easiest works of mercy any of us could do…but I do understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea….because death makes people uncomfortable.

But I LOVE GOING TO FUNERALS….I love being able to hear what loved ones have to share about their family member.  I love hearing what the priest has to say.  And I love being able to be a witness and show my respect for the life that was lived here on earth.

Other ways a person can live out this work of mercy is:

~volunteering at a hospice
~participate in a bereavement ministry
~spend time with a widow or widower
~take loved ones to visit the cemetery
~offer daily prayers for the deceased and terminally ill

What I love about this Work of Mercy is how it reminds us that we are NOT meant for this world.  That this world is only a part of our entire life.  Our entire life consists of the time we spend here and the time we get to spend in heaven.

I remember when I attended my grandmothers funeral years back.  My daughter at the time was 7 or 8 and she said the most profound thing to me.  Something that many may have been appalled at her saying, but I understood what she meant.  She said, “I can’t wait to die.”  I asked her why.  She looked at me like I was silly to ask such a question.  She then responded with, “Well because I will get to be with Jesus of course!”…..WOW isn’t that awesome for someone so young to GET IT!!! To understand we are destined for heaven….OUR JOB HERE ON EARTH IS TO STAY THE COURSE TO GET THERE!!

Thus I LOVE going to funerals so I can pray for the dearly departed.  I can pray that their soul is able to be meeting up with our amazing Lord and Savior and having some fabulous times together!

hugs and prayers my dear readers….friends….family…
~Kelly 🙂

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