Corporal Works of Mercy: Visit the Sick

…visit the sick….

My family had a fabulous opportunity to practice this one on Easter Sunday!  My mom needed to take communion to a man who is sick and home bound.  It was awkward but humbling.  The realization of what a beautiful gift my mom was giving to this man by bringing him JESUS to receive otherwise he would have had to go without communion on one of the most holiest of days!!!

It is beautiful those who feel called to sit with the sick and dying….to be there with them and love them when it can make many people uncomfortable.  Not everyone is called to this kind of work…..but there are still other ways we can live out this work of mercy.  When we have friends who are sick we can bring them a meal….or offer to take care of their kiddos.  We can take a person to a doctors appointment.   There are MANY WAYS we can live out this work of mercy when the opportunity arises….sometimes we just have to LISTEN TO HIS CALLING…..and leap to action!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers…friends….and family….
~Kelly 😉

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