Corporal Works of Mercy: Shelter the Homeless

…shelter the homeless…

I was really struggling with how can we possibly live out this work of mercy….and then as I read this really great posting  (check out here) ….it helped me realize that every time I donate to the downtown women’s shelter, the Salvation Army, and to Catholic Family Charities with items… I am helping with shelters and homes for the refugees.  I may not be doing anything big….or grandiose but I am trying to do my part by not holding on to things that can definitely help others!

I especially like what the linked posting shared about just making eye contact to a homeless person you see on the side of the road….let them know you see them….let them know you acknowledge they are another human being.  I strive to do this every time.  Let me tell you it’s not easy.  I remember the first time I ever did that….it was hard!  I felt guilty I wan’t doing more than smiling and looking them straight in the eye.  I realized why we like to avert our eyes….because when we look away we can pretend we don’t see…and we can pretend there is no problem.  

The challenge for each of us is to NOT LOOK AWAY!!!  LOOK THEM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND SMILE…..even say peace with your hands…..and say a prayer for them.  My daughter and I ALWAYS say a prayer along the lines of:  Lord please bring along the right person who is meant to help this person, and help this person know YOU!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….friends….family…
~Kelly 🙂

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