Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the Naked

…clothe the naked…

How can we clothe the naked?  I think sometimes we all read a sentence and we think in literal thoughts.  But what if how we can CLOTHE THE NAKED is by being willing to live with less!?

I read a blog post almost 7 years ago that changed my life about removing stuff from our life.  Last year I read a book about owning only things that spark joy…and how when we remove clutter and unnecessary stuff we leave room for love, joy, peace…..and so much more!

I was able to fine tune my clothing in such a way that my wonderful hubby at first thought I was crazy…lol.  You see in Marie Kondo’s book, “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”  she talks about folding all your clothes in a specific way.  It resonated within me.  Thus my challenge to myself was to own only enough clothes that could fit in my dresser.  Thus I have a drawer for all personable’s….a drawer for shirts….a drawer for pants and skirts…..a drawer for sweaters and cover ups…a drawer pajama’s, lounge wear….4 dresses hanging up in my closet.  That’s it!  And even with that really it could still be fine tuned.  I truly believe we could all survive with 2 or 3 of each item….pants, shirts, sweaters, etc…..we choose to not.

When I get something new….something has to come out!

I especially love taking clothes to our local Children’s Exchange because whatever of our stuff that doesn’t sell it is given to Catholic Family Services.

I actually think twice before I shop anymore.  I think: Do I really need that!?  Can I donate that money somewhere else?  Can I help in some other area!?  

What has probably become my favorite spot to shop is when I visit my parents in NM.  They have a non-profit that  helps families leave the cycle of Domestic Violence.  Within this non-profit there is a thrift shop.  This store helps support the cause.  So for every purchase I make 100% goes toward helping families.  I like that.  So now I not only get unique clothing that I can’t find here…..but I get to help an entity that truly puts clothing on a person who needs to leave a situation sometimes with nothing but the clothing on their back.

How can you clothe the naked?!
Is your closet so jammed full of stuff that a local women’s shelter would feel like Christmas came if you blessed them with all your beautiful clothes!?
Can you scope out some of the thrift stores and find out what their cause is and start shopping there instead!?
What about every time you feel compelled to shop for yourself you donate that money instead….or take a homeless person shopping!?

Let’s CLOTHE the naked together…one closet at a time!

hugs and prayers always my dear readers…friends…and family…
~Kelly 🙂

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