Corporal Work of Mercy: Give Drink to the Thirsty

…give drink to the thirsty…

I haven’t really thought about this work of mercy for a bit.  As I was reflecting on it I loved some of the different sites and info  I came across to help me further understand: How can I GIVE DRINK TO THE THIRSTY!?

I realized I could relate in a small bit of what I was reading.  No I never went thirsty growing up…but we think about all the uses of water…all the things we NEED water for to survive each day….and it put things into perspective.

The land my parents owned growing up had a well that produced only 30-50 gallons of water a day!  Think about that….that is the amount of water that most of our hot water tanks hold.  Now can you imagine that amount of water having to provide for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and gardening.   My parents built a cistern.  We hauled water weekly to ensure we had enough water to take care of basic needs.  Eventually we had a system of where water would drain off of the garage/shop into the cistern to help especially during the winter months when we couldn’t get the truck and tank out do to weather.

Bathing truly was quick. sparingly and mindful.  Washing dishes was NEVER with the water just running…..rinse water became wash water, which became either flushing water or gardening water.   You ALWAYS thought about how can the water be used until it cannot be used anymore.

When I was thinking of this Work of Mercy I really didn’t think I could relate but I realized as I was reading another persons blog post on the topic….I COULD.

It also helped me think about how I use to keep a case of water bottles and granola bars in my car so when I saw a homeless person or a person in need I could at-least give them something to drink and eat!  I feel convicted to do that again.  I am going to make sure my car at all times has at least water to give to another!  I loved this reflection and posting I found!

It bothers me when water is just running from a sink whether for teeth, dishes, hands, etc…..I WILL be more mindful of when I get in a hurry and don’t think about the water running.  Having been in the military a two minute shower was easy for me….but I have gotten accustomed and spoiled at my baths and longer showers.  I WILL be mindful of how I once understood that a two minute bath or shower growing up was a luxury!

How can you put this work of mercy into action in your life!?

Have a blessed day full of LIVING WATERS!!

Hugs and prayers always my readers….friends….and family!
~Kelly 🙂

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