Corporal Work of Mercy: Feed the Hungry

feed the hungry….

How do I personally put this Work of Mercy into practice?

My daughter and I with some other friends every month on the first Friday we deliver boxes of food to shut ins.  It has been a fabulously rewarding service.  We have been doing this for 2 years now and I can’t imagine us not doing this.

It was interesting because my friend and I both agreed after the first time we delivered we wanted to add something personal to it.  We didn’t like that these people were getting processed food.  But we also understand we can’t possibly change a food bank or charity system that relies on donations….and what do people donate?  Processed and canned goods….because that is what holds a shelf life.

Sooooo what we decided to do was to add fresh fruits and veggies.  We started having the kiddos decorate little boxes for us to add our little contribution to the bigger boxes.  Then when winter came around last year we realized we wanted to do something that would provide a bit of an immune booster so we started doing Greek yogurt and Emergen-C.  This has become our constant add in.  We feel that this is at-least a little bit of a help and boost by adding a probiotic food and some essential vitamins/minerals.   Our thought is anything is better than nothing to help boost the immune system.

It is humbling and rewarding all at the same time.   Every time we deliver I feel  grateful for my ability to do my own shopping.  I feel blessed to have loved ones who want to spend time with me.  There is one sweet little lady who doesn’t have family who wants to “bother” with seeing her.  I feel rewarded with the smiles and hugs we receive.

My experience with this Work of Mercy is something I don’t want to end.  I truly love seeing these amazing peoples faces.

How do you think you can incorporate the Work of Mercy of Feeding the Hungry into your life?!
A widowed neighbor?
Volunteer at a food bank?
A soup kitchen?
Help prepare meals for funerals?
Snack pack programs?
Random meals for families you KNOW can use a bit of help in this economy? 

Take a moment to pray and see where God leads you in this work of mercy!

My hugs and prayers always my dear readers….friends….family….

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