From Sadness to Celebration on Saturday

Today was full of beauty…wonder….and sadness!

I say sadness because I witnessed a celebration that should have been full of beauty and life….instead it was lacking.

I KNOW GOD WAS THERE….THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS DEFINITELY PRESENT.…but the experience wasn’t what I thought it was suppose to be….it didn’t “play out”  how it was suppose to be….or how I felt it should have.

I know I am being vague mostly because I desire to not create scandal or ruffle feathers….but it made me sad.  Sad for the participants involved who were there.

BUT God is so amazing that I KNOW FRUIT was created….seeds were planted…even if it didn’t meet my “standards” of  how I would have liked to seen and experienced this celebration.

AND….I KNOW just like the original 12 disciples….things were rocky for them in the beginning…..and really all throughout life.  YET….they persevered and they continually turned to the HOLY SPIRIT to guide them after JESUS had left them.


Thus sadness truly can be celebration….can be joy….is discipleship…..and LIFE!!!

With that I say goodnight….sweet dreams….and many blessings my wonderful readers….friends…and family…

hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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