Fondness on Friday

Dear Sam,

Thank you for the 12 weeks I was able to feel your life within me 5 years ago.  

Thank you for helping me learn how to laugh more….how to love deeper…how to live fuller!

Thank you for the whispers you continue to blow within your big sisters ear; whispers that give her peace of being an only child.

Thank you for being my own personal saint in heaven
Thank you for bringing greater meaning and joy on a day that is full of silliness and pranks
And thank you for continually having your heavenly DADDY watch over your earthly daddy!

I love you dearly and look forward to one day meeting you and holding you.

hugs and kisses always,

***If you have ever lost a child (miscarriage, accident, etc….write them a letter….share your love…your sorrow…..your everything with them!  You will not only feel their love within you but our HEAVENLY FATHER’S LOVE ALL AROUND AND THROUGH YOU!

Author: Kelly Frick: Connect

I connect self-care to our self-love through Essential Oils! Nurturing our nutritional needs equals self-care. Our need for nature connects us to our mind body soul spirit being. Knowledge expands understanding that self-care leads to self-love. Self-love lights up the world and connects us to others! We are all connected within and with others. I love sharing, motivating, and educating about the amazing gifts of biblical health through essential oils, self-care, and self-love!

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