What If on Wednesday

What if we NEVER had any struggles?

Would we then have any growth…any insight…any WISDOM?

Learning how to truly love ALL aspects of our life is vital for TRUE HEALTH!

I remember sharing with a gentleman once how I have learned, truly learned to embrace, all obstacles of life….WITH A SMILE AND AN EMBRACE!  He looked at me as if I had more than a few things loose in my head.

But I HAVE.  It doesn’t mean I have to like them all but I CAN walk and experience each moment with LOVE, LAUGHTER, LEARNING, AND LIFE!!

So next time you are struggling with something…

WHAT IF…..you loved that person you are comparing yourself with…..or who has hurt you?
WHAT IF….you laughed when you are feeling emotional about your health….about a work complication?
WHAT IF…you learned about your WHOLE HEALTH of mind body soul living with and for GOD?

How can you turn your WHAT IFS into WOWS!?

hugs and blessings my dear readers….friends….family…
Kelly 🙂

Author: Kelly Frick: Connect

I connect self-care to our self-love through Essential Oils! Nurturing our nutritional needs equals self-care. Our need for nature connects us to our mind body soul spirit being. Knowledge expands understanding that self-care leads to self-love. Self-love lights up the world and connects us to others! We are all connected within and with others. I love sharing, motivating, and educating about the amazing gifts of biblical health through essential oils, self-care, and self-love!

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