Thrifty Thinking on Thursday

I have been really reflecting a great deal recently on how to continue to save…be thrifty in our spending….keeping it simple….and be conscientious of how it is our GOD given responsibility to remember that in order for our economy to have any hope we MUST remember the FAMILY….the heart and soul behind our economy….behind our country…behind our government.

It can become easy for me to get caught up in which stores do I have what point rewards….which places are going to give me the best deals….and what is going to make my life easier to make sure I am living out my best life.

I am continually thinking about how if I have reward systems with these 3 stores which one can I accumulate more points to get the most bang for my buck.  BUT I MUST remember that it is not economically wise to purchase ALL items at this one store if it is going to cost me twice as much.  This is NOT remembering that the economy of family must come first….before big business….before government.

This may all be a strange weaving…..I totally understand….cause I am still learning much of it myself.  I borrowed a book from a friend “The Hound of Distributism: A Solution for Our Social and Economic Crisis”.  I haven’t finished it yet but it really speaks to me.  It is having me really rethink some things.  AMAZON for example….it is convenient….it is sometimes much cheaper….BUT how is it truly helping the heart and soul of family….the heart and soul of our economy…..the heart and soul of our nation…..our government.

I don’t know…..these are just a few of my most recent thrifty thoughts that I will continue to reflect and pray upon and most definitely share more about as I continue to learn and reflect.

BUT the best way I know how to live a thrifty life that is LIFE giving to my FAMILY is to ALWAYS take it to GOD because HE NEVER stirs me wrong.  Therefore it may not make sense to someone looking in with some of my financial decisions, BUT I KNOW I AM TAKING GODS LEAD….GODS DIRECTION….GODS GUIDANCE….GODS WILL…..and that’s all I need. 

I hope you have some thrifty thoughts this THURSDAY full of life, laughter, and love!!!

hugs and blessings,

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