Taking Time on Tuesday

I am realizing what truly comes natural for me….what and when I want to do things through this journey of blogging…sharing….growing in my faith…my family….my health.   I am realizing there are times I really like having things planned out and organized because of an inspiration.  But there are other times I like things to be more spontaneous not feeling the “pressures” of a “deadline” that my mind has imposed upon me.

This week is one of those kind of weeks.   I feel great peace knowing that, yes I have some really great ideas and thoughts I want to share but this is not the week.  There is more I want to reflect on before I share…..but there is also more important things for me to be putting as my priority this week as well.

How many of us become obsessed with inspirations, goals, thoughts that we allow them to become the the forefront of our thoughts rather than the background….or better yet  set aside a time and a date to think those things over!?

We may rationalize it by saying:  But GOD would not have given me this idea or pressed it into my heart if He didn’t want me to do something about it!

Yet we forget:  GOD`S TIME is not our time.  What I have truly learned is I MUST BE WILLING TO SIT STILL with a thought…an inspiration….a burning desire…..sometimes for YEARS in order to fulfill HIS WILL not mine.

Why!?  Because my NUMBER ONE responsibility….calling….thought…..inspiration for this time in my life MUST BE: husband, child, CHILD`S EDUCATION, my health, discipleship of/with family and friends.   That is the order it should all be….and as you can see when a child is in the home….their being brought up in the LORD MUST BE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.   That is how I am living in HIS WILL not mine.

Our society gets it all backwards sometimes….they think that as long as we are making sure they are getting top scores, best schools, an activity every day of the week….well that we are meeting their needs….meeting our responsibilities.   NO….I SAY NO…..THAT IS NOT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT.


Thus sitting and giggling with my daughter so she is comfortable Easter Sunday as we gather with my sister-in-laws side of the family and friends…people my daughter don’t know and would feel out of place…..instead I help her become comfortable with her surroundings and engage her and her cousins so she doesn’t even remember by the end of the evening that she hasn’t known any of these people but for a few hours.

Being present means having fun at the zoo as we chase each other from sight to sight and keep the phone lost deep in my bag and know that all others may be frustrated that I am not answering my phone but I don’t care because I am doing what is best….what matters at the moment.

Being present means finishing this up so I can get my daughter and I to my parents place of business so we can spend a few hours with them and share connections…..because NONE OF US KNOW WHEN OUR LAST OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE!!!

Being present means tomorrow when we travel back home I don`t worry about when I post something or how much I post. 

And being present means as we drive I visit with my daughter during the drive about her lessons, and about what she enjoyed about the trip, what she would have changed, what her inspirations, dreams, thoughts are for the day…not about me trying to get some podcasts or audio books in for the drive.

You see when I am present in the proper order of things…IN GOD`S WILL….I am then able to have peace. I am able to TRUST that when the time is right GOD will tell me NOW with an idea…an inspiration…a project….an action….AND IT WILL BE EFFORTLESS….not painless….BUT PEACEFUL.   It will not take away from faith, family, fun…..it will actually give life to all of it!


Hugs and blessings always my dear readers….family…..friends….
Kelly 🙂

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