Mercy on Monday

Easter season is here!  I have been blessed to spend the weekend with my brother and his family.  They live in California now so I don’t have the chance to see them as much.   We all gathered at my parents Easter Sunday.   We went to a beautiful yet simple country mass celebration and then enjoyed a fabulous feast. 

I was thinking about Divine Mercy SUNDAY already….which had me thinking about the Works of Mercy.   I realized I wanted to dissect each of them and how they relate to my life.  Where am I living each of them out?  And which ones do I need to work more on?  

I will share more about that next week. 

I’m also excited about a serious break through I’ve had with my journey of healing my Hosimoto health.   I’ll share more on that later :). 

Cause now I’ve got a fabulous Zoo date with Family! And for how much I love all of you…. Well they, my family, will ALWAYS come FIRST!!!!

Continue to experience HIS amazing love and mercy this Easter season!

Hugs and blessing my dear readers, friends, and family,
Kelly 🙂

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