Stuff in the Silence on Holy Saturday

The people were waiting in SILENCE on Saturday wondering if CHRIST really would rise!? 

We are traveling to spend a fabulous Easter with my family. As I sit watching the scenery blur by I find myself smiling about how beautiful it is to sit in the silence.

In the silence I am able to hear GOD press hugs and kisses in my heart.

My darling daughter is having a garage sale in a few weeks.  We have been cleaning out each room….taking things off of walls….out of closets….clearing out EVERYTHING….I realized what a sense of peace and detachment I have with STUFF!

In the silence I am able to separate myself from STUFF.

We have been doing some serious redoing of rooms: floors, paint, etc.   I realized I want to remove even more STUFF from our life.  I want to have truly just a handful of things.

I have given my daughter the incentive of, if she runs the garage sale she can have fifty percent of the proceeds.  I want her garage sale to be successful so I have been putting some really nice decorations and STUFF in the garage for her debut.   This has helped me with further detachment of STUFF.  I am able to say, “…hmm….you are pretty….I do like you….BUT I DON’T NEED YOU!!  I can live without you… if you sell you sell….if not…well I will consider if I even want you back in my house or to let you move on to some other home to create joy and warmth….”

In the silence I am able to feel PEACE….LOVE…JOY!

I love this feeling!  
I love the anticipation of all things new again!  
I love that my Lord LOVES me so much HE gives me these moments to pause in the silence!
I love that my Lord LOVES me so much HE gave us his only SON!
I love that GOD is there with me in the SILENCE….waiting for me to CHOOSE HIM over STUFF!

Oh how glorious tomorrow is going to be!

What STUFF do you need to relinquish in the SILENCE in order to truly HEAR, FEEL, BE WITH GOD!!!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers, friends, and family….
~Kelly 🙂 

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