Seven Days on Saturday

Today my family starts our seven day “simple living” fast.  As you saw yesterday it is truly going to be simple.  The “artist” with food in me was already thinking of all the different ways to create things with the food:  roasted, soups, baked, pan fried, etc…..

BUT I reminded myself that it still needs to be simple and not a burden on time, because the WHOLE POINT is to turn to GOD even more during this last 7 days leading up to CHRIST’S CRUCIFIXION. 

I received an email this week that was fabulous in how to approach this last seven days…I loved it.  Here is the 5 minute clip if you are interested in deepening your last weeks journey to the cross! 

I plan on doing EVERYTHING well SIMPLE this week.  I want to not complicate anything….thus taking away from this last week of really focusing on how amazing my JESUS is to me and to all of us!!!

AND…..what an amazing way to start out my seven days than to attend the SHROUD ENCOUNTER!  It is put on by our diocese and hosted by my parish church.  I am beyond excited to attend and experience this amazing ENCOUNTER!!   This is a pretty cool video clip about it!

Well my dear readers….family and friends…have a glorious day deciding what all you want to ENCOUNTER and experience this last SEVEN DAYS!

Hugs and prayers always,

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