Faith and Food on Friday

Tomorrow my family and I will embark on a challenge I proposed earlier in lent.  If you didn’t get to read is a link to THRIFTY LOVE ON THURSDAY!

It actually looks like more food for less than $21 than I thought it would be.

This is the list I opted for:

Pinto Beans
Split Peas

As you can see by the picture….it looks like quite a bit of food.  We will see how it works out :)…..I opted for potatoes instead of rice because it has greater nutritional value in my opinion and they were on sale :)!!   The cucumbers were a last minute add on because they too were on sale.

My receipt was just a bit under $19.  I could have added a larger container of eggs or a can of coconut milk, but since I do plan on using the few seasonings, vinegar, and oil I have listed in the picture I decided it was best to keep it under the $21.

My hope and prayer is this will create a greater appreciation for what we do have access to on a regular basis, not only in quantity and quality but also in variety.  This isn’t a lot of diversity for 7 days….but that’s kind of the point.

Now why did I not just do beans and rice like other countries truly do only have!?

I did this for multi reasons.

First,  My body does not tolerate beans and rice.  Each individuals diagnosis of Hoshimoto’s is different but my body DOES NOT thrive with either one of those thus I can’t put my health into jeopardy for the sake of an experiment no matter how wholesome the purpose is.

Second, I wanted to ensure my family was able to have a variety of vitamins and essentials even if it is in small doses and not as wide of a variety.  Again I’m not willing to create a deficiency within my own families health just to prove a point.

Third and finally, I wanted to share in an outside of the box thought that if my family can thrive on $1 a day with a more choices other than rice and beans why couldn’t other countries do the same thing?! Now I am not an expert on what is done to help out other countries about nutrition….I only know what I read and little research.

Why did I pick the veggies and protein choices I did pick!?

I felt with these choices I was going to be able to have the best selection of many important vitamins essential for our immune system and gut to function….because the better your immune system is the better your gut…the greater you protect yourself from diseases and irritating colds and such.

EGGS – I can’t eat eggs but daughter and hubby can.  This is a fabulous source of protein.  Extremely complete.  The yolk has amazing nutrients that rival with liver and bone broth.  It is also packed full of  cholesterol….which your BRAIN NEEDS….jammed with vitamin D….which your IMMUNE SYSTEM NEEDS.  Here is a great link of info from Dr. Axe.

PINTO BEANS – I would have rather gotten black or white beans but family prefer pinto soooo…’s still a decent source of a plant based protein and great fiber.  If a person can tolerate legumes there is some pretty compelling evidence that even though some countries may be poorer than us and need to live more on beans…many of them have lower to NO cases of CANCER….because their colon is always cleared out!!!!

SPLIT PEAS – This is a great protein source for me.  It doesn’t create any inflammation for me and gives me great energy and fiber.

CARROTS – beta-carotene, vitamin A…we all know this beautiful veggie is great for our eyes but it also helps with pre-digestion, it can meet your sweet tooth without having an insulin spike.

SPINACH – SUPER FOOD!!!  …high in niacin and zinc, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese.

CUCUMBERS – flushes out toxins, provides minerals like magnesium, potassium, and so much more.

POTATOES– I am not able to eat potatoes because they are in the nightshade family and they also create insulin spikes for me.  But for many using them as a resistant starch timed at the evening meal can actually help create good sleep and balance of cortisol levels.  They are jammed pack with vitamin C and many more nutrients….check out this really great read!

Here is a list of the essential vitamins necessary for your immune system to function well!  What is cool you will see that each of these foods are meeting atleast one if not many of the essential vitamins and ALL of these foods are on the list.

My favorite IMMUNE BOOSTING FOOD is BONE BROTH!!!!   But I opted to nut use a chicken or any animal meat in this experiment because I know other countries don’t have access to meat or to doing this…and it is just not practiced….BUT wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get BONE BROTH to become a staple in EVERYONE’S everyday diet!!  I know that’s a post for another day….stay on track Kelly :)….lol.

Well there you have it friends….this is our plan.

I intend to share during HOLY WEEK how we are doing during our journey of fasting as we find faith in our simple food choices as well as how it impacts our day….our week…and hopefully our life!

Have a fabulous Faith filled Friday full of Food reflections with the potential of inspiring you to kick up your FAST during the Holy Week!

Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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