Thinking of Others on Thursday

This week has been spring break for the schools in our area.  I have never really followed when spring break takes place for the school systems, well because being a home-schooler I just do my own thing.  I personally have always had us take off holy week and then the first Easter week.  I like having our times off during the year to be focused around our faith and the main Liturgical events of the calendar year, thus giving us time to reflect on the spiritual moment of the season rather than just our intellect.

This year, since we are involved with Classical Conversations, our spring break actually is during “spring break”.  But I wanted to still keep in mind how we are needing to continually learn and grow from even our times off.   I desired to have us go on a mission trip but since there wasn’t one being offered with our youth group and I didn’t make other connections quick enough well it left us without a mission trip. I decided to take matters into my own hands…I created a “mission” trip for us.

Monday I had us tour Catholic Family Services.  We deliver boxes of food to the home bound on the first Friday of each month with another family but I wanted to know ALL the services this wonderful organization has to provide.  I wanted to see WHERE we could help a little more.  If you don’t know much about this organization then you must check it out!  Here is a link!

Tuesday we created toiletry bags with soaps, shampoos, lotion and a few other nice feminine touches for the Crisis Shelter through Family Support Services.

Wednesday we spent the afternoon sorting through ‘STUFF’ to get rid of.…reminding ourselves how much we already have and how much we can still GIVE to help others!

Today or tomorrow we will be delivering love and joy to several different places.

I have loved how this week we have stepped back to remember spring break isn’t just about us relaxing or doing something for ME….but about doing something for others.  It has also been about reflecting on this season of change and all the beauty it has to bring us if we just open our eyes!

Today take a moment of think of how you can help someone else.

You will LOVE how blessing someone else makes YOU feel amazing!

Hugs and blessings always,

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