Write Your "Book" on Wednesday

Growing up my mom would always say she was going to write a book for her children and grandchildren so they would be blessed.  I believe her desire was to write about her life, her struggles, her conquests so as to create a freedom within the family tree.

My mom still has this desire….but what she may not realize is her entire life’s work is her book.  She has done exactly what she set out to do….bless her children and grandchildren.

I reflect on how many people feel they are not qualified to do something because they don’t have a degree.  Or they don’t feel “smart” enough to accomplish something.  Or they feel they have to pursue something in a specific way and it just won’t be the same unless it is done just that way.

But have we ever thought about how dreams sometimes aren’t meant to be accomplished literally but rather a gateway to something else God is desiring for us to do!?  Something even bigger than we dreamed?!

My mom desired and still desires to write a book…..yet many of the stories she desires to include in the book has been shared with others….face to face….moment by moment throughout her life.  She has been that hand to others who didn’t have it.  She has been that hope to those who truly felt hopeless.  She has been LOVE and BLESSINGS to each of us!

She has dreamed big in helping many ….especially with her non-profit Sanctuary Zone.

SHE HAS WRITTEN HER BOOK….she just doesn’t realize it.  



I desire for my mom to see how very blessed we, her children and grand children are.  How she has done a fabulous job of leading us to God.  And similar to the bible, it took years for it to ever truly be put into word form on paper…..her story, her “book”, is still circulating and changing lives.

I am writing my “book” each and everyday as I get on here and share my life, my journey, my love with each of you.  

I am writing my “book” each time I share a piece of myself with someone in a store.

I am writing my “book” each time I hold my husband and daughter for just a bit longer!

So maybe by me writing my “book” and sharing parts of my life, and my mom’s life, and the lives of those that are important to me…..I am able to honor her and spread the message, and embody the message she desires for her children and grandchildren: to be blessed!

What “book” are you working on?!

hugs and blessings,

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