Time to Let it Go on Tuesday

When a person is cleaning things our of a closet, drawers, cabinets…..we tend to hold on to an item and think….I spent xyz on it…or….I only wore that once.  Or not at all….so it would be wasteful to get rid of it.

Really its wasteful to hold on to anything yo aren’t going to use.

Instead view it as an opportunity to learn and grow for it.

For Christmas I received a new pair of running shoes.  They just were not working out for me.  I thought they were right for me but over the course of the last few months I realized they just were not working out.  And that’s okay.

when we hold on to things and gather “stuff” we are leaving ourselves open to making the same financial mistakes.  they become reminders of a choice we wish we wouldn’t have made.  Instead we need to acknowledge the beautiful and valuable lesson from that purchase.  Get rid of it if necessary.  From my experience it is usually necessary to get rid of it to move forward.

Purpose yourself to think about the choices clearer and more mindful next time.

Taking the financial aspect out of it…when we hold on to things we are not leaving room in our lives for other bigger and amazing blessings.

So take the opportunity this spring to CLEAN OUT…GET RID OF….and START FRESH!

Let go of burdens, baggage, and the past.   SPRING is a time for renewal…fresh….clean starts….LIFE!!!

What baggage is holding you back?  

hugs and blessings,

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