Mother-Daughter bonds on Monday

I purposed myself from the moment I was pregnant with my darling daughter that I would love her in a way that was reflective to how Mary loved Jesus.  I purposed myself to not bring any baggage from my own mother-daughter relationship into our present and future relationship. 

***I think if we are all truly honest with ourselves and those we love, we can all agree we ALL are able to reflect upon our childhood and there is something we would like to do differently.  Just as us, as parents can look back and reflect on “ooh I wish I would have done xyz a bit different.”

I had NO idea I was having a daughter…BUT I felt like GOD was giving me the opportunity to understand that our relationships with our children START from the moment of conception.  I read to her most nights or days as she was growing in my belly making me sick and nauseous, but still loving her like I have never loved another before!  I thought loving and kind words about myself during the whole pregnancy.  I never once looked in the mirror and thought “man you are getting WAAY too big!”   I wanted her to grow up with a healthy self-esteem.  I wanted her to KNOW within her core that she was BEAUTIFULLY MADE!!!

We are a complex compilation of nature-nurture…..temperament….personality….love language….and sooo much more.  But the biggie is NATURE AND NURTURE!  I wanted her NATURE to have the best NURTURING I could possibly bestow upon her. 

 Somehow I KNEW within my core it started with how I FELT, ACTED, LIVED MY LIFE especially as she was developing in my womb!

Throughout the years I have always gone to books for support, comfort, research, knowledge.  They have nurtured a bond between my daughter and I through many a difficult of conversations as well as just enjoying moments to laugh and love!

When I heard about Christiane Northrup and her book MOTHER DAUGHTER WISDOM….I was intrigued.  I wondered if there was anything else I could learn as I am delving into these teen years!?

 Now if you aren’t a huge believer in how we can be connected, on a many levels, to another person then this is not going to be the book for you!  But I can attest that even though my mom and I have had our moments in our past….we are VERY MUCH connected.  There wew times in my childhood and young adult life I distinctly remember my mom coming to me or calling me and asking me “what happened?”  Or “Are you ok!?”  And I hadn’t even told her yet what had happened.

As I have been reading this book (I even purchased the audio version of it so I can “read” on the go!)…
I have discovered, AGAIN, just how amazingly wise GOD IS!!!

 ONCE AGAIN He purposed in my heart a wisdom….an instinct….a love….that was from Him for my child….a way to raise her that would seem contrary to other popular practices. 

 Yet here is a book confirming and edifying everything I have been doing and continue to do.  As well as things in this book I am learning even more in how to overcome any teen year challenges.

Today think about your own mother-daughter relationship of the past and how can you mend things with your own mother?  How can you purpose yourself to have a mother-daughter relationship with your own daughter that defies modern definitions of relationships!?  How can you turn your female relationships into Holy Spiritual walks with God that are nurturing the nature within us!!!

Have a glorious mother-daughter Monday!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

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