Food Babe on Friday

I remember the first time I heard about food babe…..I was researching something about nutrition and I came across this YouTube video of the Food Babe and BEAVER’S BUTT!

I busted a gut….cause the video was hilarious but it was also interesting in how much we don’t think about the things that go into our food.  

What I love about the Food Babe is how she is not afraid to ruffle feathers to get companies to own up to poor poor poor non-nutritional practices!  She uncovers toxins and junk that are in food!

When her book came out last year I wanted it but I kind of just held off cause I was reading waay too many other things and trying to figure out some other stuff so I really didn’t have time.

Recently my dear hubby had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday, I really didn’t want anything!  Then I was doing something and I came across  my book wish lists and I remembered I really wanted this book for the resources in it.  She really dissects the toxins of some of the top chemicals that are put into processed foods!


I think it is SOOO sad how far removed our food has become from how GOD intended it to be.  I think it is further disheartening that it takes people like the Food Babe to bring attention to the practices of companies for others to notice and realize, “oh maybe that isn’t really food!”

Today I am going to have some nice relaxing time with the Food Babe on my Friday :)….

Do you enjoy food the way GOD intended it? 
 Or do you find yourself grabbing for the convenience that has words you can’t even pronounce!?

Honor your TEMPLE and feed it the food of the land….I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL BETTER FOR IT!!!!

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

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