Taking 5 on Tuesday

Beware I think I am in the mood to share about books this week! 🙂

I don’t know….my head keeps swirling with all the books I have just finished…the books I am in the middle of reading…and those I am desiring to read next!!!

Thus my brain is in book mode.

And here is an amazing thought for the day.  During the priests sermon this last Sunday he shared about an amazing young lady who had endured true evil.  Yet this is how amazing her heart is, and her ability and capacity to forgive and love…..she shared how we are to not look at our problems and say to God how big our troubles are…..instead we are to say to our troubles HOW BIG GOD IS!!!!

Today TAKE 5 to stare your troubles square in the face and say MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOU!!!

Praying you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!  And remember to TAKE a moment to breath in HIS AMAZING PRESENCE!!!

Hugs and blessings,

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