Modesty on Monday

It breaks my heart that Adam and Eve had felt tempted to eat from the tree that would forever change our lives.  It would forever change how men look at women.  I would change forever how many if not all women would struggle with self image.  

Now add to it the culture of fashion.  Our modern world has us showing more and more skin.  Our current fashions are about wearing leggings as pants….skirts that really should be a duster…..shirts that plunge….and so forth.

I don’t understand why we are continually okay with putting ourselves out there to be objectified and to further tear away at our armor of self love.

This is why I have decided to start reading with my daughter this amazing book:  DRESSING WITH DIGNITY by Colleen Hammond.

I read this book years ago and fell in love with it.  I love how she shares the history of fashion.  She shares about how different men and women’s minds are.  She shares many amazing insightful things to really ponder about….AND SHE WAS A FASHION MODEL!!!

I am enjoying empowering my daughter to understand that as she continues to develop into the amazing woman she is to be…..that the best way to guard her self love, her inner beauty, is to love herself enough to not be objectified.

Do you feel your closet could use a makeover!?

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

PS….I wrote last year sometime about this book….but I can’t find it to link it….when I do I will add a link later :)…..

PPS….if anyone knows how to organize postings into subcategories and searches I would love to learn how to do that…lol…

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