Celebrating Sunday: Changing my Mind!

I am excited and renewed for this amazing SUNDAY!  Today…this week….will be full of celebrating my life..my health…my faith….my everything!

Today I will CELEBRATE the beautiful MASS Jesus gave to us at the LAST SUPPER and prepared us for throughout his ministry.

Today I will CELEBRATE that two amazing people YEARS ago who said YES to life thus allowing ME to breath…to live….to LOVE in this life!

Today I will CELEBRATE a moment of fellowship with a friend as we do something girlie, pampering, relaxing.

Today I will CELEBRATE the opportunity to cherish my family and each moment we have together on this day of reflection and rest.

AND then I will CELEBRATE the realization I have the prerogative to CHANGE MY MIND.  You see I thought I really liked the idea of having a theme for each day of the week for this blog…therefore being able to “plan” out each day….think about what I was going to write for each day.  Have a bit more organization to it.  BUT I realized..it was not being true to me….to my new years resolution/goal with this blog….and true to my spirit.

Right brain versus left brain:  I think I dual between logic and creative, organization and free flow.   But as I have gotten older and as I travel this journey of wellness and health with my mind body soul approach, I have realized that I am TRULY much more right brain than left brain.  Don’t get me wrong I do like order, schedules, knowing, planning etc……BUT I love being able to be spontaneous and free flow with how GOD will lead me each day, whether it is about my writing, my coloring, my schooling, my learning, my life……

The SCHEDULE of this week made me feel boxed in.  It had me thinking too much about what to write and when…therefore losing what I had originally set out as my new year goal which was to just write what came to my mind and heart that morning!

So…..in the spirit of my daughter and her amazing ability to change her mind and stick to her guns and not feel apologetic about it….I am going to cut bait on the scheduled days and go back to my free flow GOD inspired day to day writing.  I will continue to enjoy my quirky play on words with titles but I will take the “scheduling” out of my art, my joy, my sharing!

 I CELEBRATE GOD teaching EVEN THIS OLD DOG new tricks.  
I CELEBRATE the ability to step back and say you know that’s not working for me!
I CELEBRATE how this lent continues to stretch me in learning more about my faith and my health and myself!
And I CELEBRATE my ability and willingness to CHANGE MY MIND!

What are you going to CELEBRATE on this beautiful SUNDAY!!!! 

hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

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