Spontaneous Saturday


I’ve decided every time I read a book, I am going to start “paying it forward” once I am done with it.


This is the thing, more times than not I will read a book and someone within the first couple chapters will come to mind.  I will think, so and so would really love this story.  Or wow so and so is going through this exact thing….I know it could be encouraging, helpful,, etc.

It;s not meant to be  “oh you need to work on xyz…so read this”  No it s a “I love this book so much and I feel this book was meant for you!”

God has put it in my heart more times than not a persons name for a book I am reading.  It has always been hard for me to let go of a good because I LOVE books but I am realizing the greatest thing I can learn from that books is when I do let it go, when I do see someone in need of it…I am being the ripple GOD asks of me through this book.

For me it is similar to the bible scripture, “…when I was naked you clothed me….hungry you fed me….”

I am giving the “coat” off my back because it “warmed” me when I needed it….and it is time for me to allow it to “warm” someone else!

What is your “coat” that you can give up to “feed” others without hesitation!?

Hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly 🙂

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