Thyroid Love on Thursday


Coconut oil has truly been my life saver with my health!  I use it for EVERYTHING!  I have a spoon of it first thing in the morning to start out my energy.  I put a spoon of it in my tea throughout the day….especially if I am having a sweet tooth.   I use it for face cream, body cream, hand lotion.  I do oil pulling in the morning.  I cook with it.  I use it for EVERYTHING!

How does it help the THYROID!?  It creates a positive energy.  It also helps with the gut.  Helps with brain energy.  And so much more.  

WELLNESS MAMA has a great posting about how it helps with the THYROID HERE.

And one of my favorite posts of hers has 101 USES FOR COCONUT OIL!

If you haven’t thought about coconut oil and how it can be beneficial to your thyroid (and brain) health you really should look into it!

I am convinced that it helps me from becoming too inflamed every time we travel.  I take a jar of it every where we go and I make sure I take in extra spoonfuls throughout the day.

So the big question people ask is, “If you’re eating so much fat won’t it make you fat!?”  NO….quite the opposite.  Because of the science behind it (Wellness Mama explains it really good!)….it actually helps keep your furnace burning really well, helping your metabolism.  And with a thyroid condition….especially Hoshimoto’s… need all the energy producing help you can get!

COCONUT OIL….check it out…..I promise you won’t regret it!

Love your Thyroid today and everyday!

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

hugs and blessings always,

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