I was beyond excited this last weekend.  I set out last week (Monday) sharing with all of you my desire to create an area directory for MIND BODY SOUL doctors, practitioners, professionals….that approach our health with TRUE HEALTH in mind….not a pill!

Saturday I launched the page on FACEBOOK.  It was an amazing success.  The response was overwhelming.  I had people asking left and right to be added…how to be added….and great feedback from many!!!  I was beyond thrilled to provide my time to give back to my community…my home….my family!!!

This is how I decided to provide the directory:

 After much research and debate I decided it was best to have a FACEBOOK PAGE dedicated just for the DIRECTORY……and a GROUP for the discussion.  My thoughts were to keep the main DIRECTORY from becoming inundated with discussion and comments.  Plus FACEBOOK PAGES are searchable by google thus giving it a broader audience.

This is exciting for me because it now means people in our area can have a searchable resource in their TOTAL HEALTH needs… needs that get back to understanding the beautifully complicated quilt of our body, our mind, and our soul!

Here is the DIRECTORY if interested:  Amarillo Mind Body Soul Wellness Directory

And this is the link to the DISCUSSION GROUP:  Amarillo Mind Body Soul Wellness Directory Discussion

Here is to celebrating a TOTAL HEALTH TUESDAY for where I live!

Blessings and hugs!

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