Celebrate Sunday: Faith, Hope and Love of Health

I have had a gut suspicion for about a month now that I probably have what is called silent Hoshimoto’s.  After all, last years lab work showed I was borderline so it really is not a huge stretch to think I actually have it and it just didn’t show up on the lab work.  That is one of the things about Hoshimoto’s is there is truly no perfect way to diagnose it unless you do a biopsy of the thyroid.

Thus, after my most recent lab work and my t-3 levels being too low again….and other stuff….my doc and I both agreed my diagnosis is Hoshimoto’s.

But that is the thing….IT IS NOT WHO I AM…..it is just my current diagnosis.
It doesn’t define me.

No more than to say I am a Pescan-Plant-based-Paleo who adheres to an AIP protocol….(that’s a mouth full)…..lol…. Point being any label is exactly that….a label….and I refuse to be boxed in!  I have never been a boxed in kind of gal.

I had a moment of wow this is real…..and a moment where I possibly wanted to go to the negative….but really not……because that is not me!!!

I had a fabulous visit with a dear friend (also my nutrition coach!) who reminded me all the good stuff I already knew and was already thinking BUT it was soooooo good to hear it out loud and from someone else!


I don’t care if there are arguments from all sides of whether an auto-immune disease is or isn’t curable.  I don’t care how much negative stuff is out there. Because this is what I do know…

I know:
There are great stories of people who have Hoshimoto’s who have put it into remission and live amazing thriving lives.

There are stories of others who talk about how it is no longer there.

There are stories of amazing people doing amazing things with and without autoimmune diseases.

There are stories of amazing things happening every day for every type of situation and person.

Thus, today I CELEBRATE another chapter in my story to share.

I CELEBRATE my continual joy in ALL circumstances.  

I CELEBRATE my friends and family who are amazingly supportive and loving. 

I CELEBRATE my AMAZING LIFE and all I am designed to be for this life.  


I CELEBRATE that I WILL RECEIVE JESUS through the Eucharist later today with great joy and excitement. 

I will CELEBRATE so many things today, tomorrow, next week, this year that have NOTHING TO DO with my diagnosis…..


What are you going to Celebrate today on this amazing day our Lord has made!?

hugs and blessings,

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