Schedules on Saturday

As you all have probably figured out by now….I love playing with words.  I especially love having a catchy play on words with the titles of my postings.

I’ve pondered on having theme days before in the past with my blog.  It’s just fun for me to play with words and be quirky like that.  In the past I wasn’t disciplined enough to sit and write each day.  But with two months under my belt now….I think I have a pretty good rhythm.  Plus I’m up for the adventure of trying our a specific topic for each day of the week for the month of March and see how I like it.

Now Monday yes is still in February but it is a leap year date….the 29th….so I am going to start my themed days on Monday.  This is what they will be :)…..

This will be anything that deals with finances….thrifty…..budget….you name it about money!

This will be anything I have learned recently or would like to share about health….nutritional info….workouts….food….recipes….supplements…..vitamins….organic…..sleep….anything related to our general health as well as things that can be helpful with an over all better way of living: MIND BODY, SOUL wellness.

I want to continue to empower women with great stories of other women….how to love ourselves… to feel amazing about being a woman!

This amazing gland is becoming more and more of an issue in so many people….I want to share my personal journey on this day as well as things I have learned and am doing for my health that are specific to the thyroid.

Family is so important and sharing ways we can grow and learn together as a family is vital for a healthy home!

This day I have chosen to be a free for all!  Who knows what I may decide to write about on this day.

I want this day to be all about how my faith has formed me… faith can bring anyone to LOVE deeper, fuller….how faith is the core of who we are…..and how beautiful HIS sacrifice was…..and thus why we must CELEBRATE each SUNDAY!

I hope you all will enjoy my March adventure of having a theme for each day of the week as much as I am going to enjoy being creative with each day!

I am looking forward to sitting today and SCHEDULING out my ideas ON THIS SATURDAY for March!

hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

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