Organic Faith on Friday

I read the other day in one of my devotionals a description of faith being organic.  I liked what the writer said.  It had me thinking about it.  About how there isn’t a formula for faith.  There isn’t a specific way we are to walk…learn…embrace our faith.  For each of us it’s different.

I’ve learned with my faith walk it is important to have the discipline and routine’s with faith but it is also important to flow and bend each day.  Sometimes something comes up I can’t control.  My schedule can sometimes be a bit different due to a circumstance I hadn’t anticipated.

Which is then the better faith walk…faith growth?  To be legalistic about what time we do our rosary or do I stop and think about how my daughter is needing some extra time right now with whatever struggle she is having at that moment.  Or I have a friend who is in need of some help or just to have my ear.  Do I tell either of them no because it is the time I do my rosary or chaplet!?  Which is truly more Christ like?  Instead I am going to allow the Holy Spirit to guide me…lead me…love me!

This allows me to be shown how to love others… to allow love to be rippled in the situation.  So a deviation from a routine for that day or that moment can be a greater opportunity to grow in faith and love than being legalistic about my routine.

This doesn’t mean we abandon the 10 commandments.  We don’t turn our backs on God’s laws….teachings…His path for us….but when we are are following His laws with Love then we don’t even truly need to think about the laws as rules rather as Love to guide us on this journey.  When we are organic about our faith we are more open to the flow of how each day is different, new and unique.  Leaving us open to LIVE and LOVE as HE intended for us to LOVE AND LIVE.

hugs and blessings always,

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