Thrifty Thoughts on Thursday with Love

I came to a thought last week about taking my shopping to the next level of thriftiness.

What if I could only shop at three places for ALL my needs!?

What three would they be?

Could I do it and truly save!?

And then I had a different thought about grocery shopping.

What if I only shopped at one store for all my grocery needs.

Could I pick one store and be content that it carries say 90% of what I want and not think of the 10% need (really want) that another store would meet?!

Do we spend too much time trying to figure out all the places we need to shop for this and that….
well that we forget to LOVE and appreciate even just the one store!?

I must ponder on this some more and get back to you on what conclusion I came to.

Until then have a gloriously Thrifty Thursday!

Hugs and blessings always,

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