Warrior Woman Wednesday: Mother Teresa

During the homily this last weekend, my parish priest mentioned Mother Teresa and her desolation.

I have reflected on this before in the past.  BUT….it spoke to me this weekend even more than ever before.

Here was a woman who spoke intimately with God and then NOTHING….darkness…..silence!  Yet she NEVER showed this outwardly.  She smiled, she laughed, she was light to ALL she encountered.


I have striven to be that type of example my entire life.  And really I love being joyful.  I love seeing the light…the good in others…..even when those around me don’t see it.

Yet reflecting on Mother Teresa I realized why it touched a nerve within me this weekend…..because I can relate to a small degree…concerning my health.

You see the thyroid controls soooo much.  With my thyroid out of wack….my hormones are out of wack….my feelings are out of wack….my joy is out of wack!

But as Joyce Meyer preaches….we do not have to let our feelings control us…..we CAN find joy in our circumstances.

There are days I truly feel NOTHING.  It is weird….it is overwhelming.  BUT I DO KNOW the me who was before my hypothyroid condition and I DO KNOW who GOD wants me to be….SO I LIVE ON THAT.  I dig deep and I remember how I would find joy in things, how I would have responded to something and I PURPOSE myself to BE JOY…to BE LIGHT!!!

A habit is formed through repetition….thus I repeatedly wake and thank GOD for my amazing life….my amazing family….my amazing health….my amazing ability to be LIGHT AND JOY to all around me….and that is what I am!!!!  No if’s and’s or but’s…..I will NOT allow anything to rob me from the JOY I KNOW is deep down inside of me…..even if my thyroid isn’t allowing me to “see” it or “feel” it…I KNOW IT!!!

Let’s all go out and be JOY AND LIGHT to all we encounter today, even if we don’t feel it, heck especially if we don’t feel it!!!

hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly 🙂

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