Tasty Tuesday with BANANA PEELS!

I posted and shared on Facebook last week an article I came across about how and why to use banana peels for tea!

You know me….I am totally up for an adventure and for doing things outside of the box. If it means using something that would normally be discarded….well I am game to try anything!

It was a pretty cool endeavor!

First to understand…..we all know the banana itself has potassium.  We know this fruit has great health benefits in many ways.  For me though only green tip bananas are good because it is too much sugar for my system; it messes with my insulin. But I do love the smell and taste of a banana.

Now the recipe called for one whole banana to be boiled but I used just the peel!  I will get to the recipe in a minute ;)…..

The peel apparently has more potassium than the banana itself…..AND it is chalked full of MAGNESIUM!!!  Magnesium is an amazing and important mineral for our bodies.  We deplete magnesium when we are stressed.  (Adrenal issues definitely deplete this mineral!)

Here is the article if you want to read more of the details and the recipe used in it!

My first attempt really didn’t give much of a banana flavor which was fine because it definitely was a great base for another hot tea or even just mixing with other stuff, like my vitamin C, or in my green shake.

BUT my second and third attempts were great!

My recipe was pretty simple: 2 peels in 2 quart pot…bring to boil lower heat to medium low to keep it bubbling for about 10 minutes then let it simmer and slow down.  I put the cinnamon in it right away.

This had a fabulous banana taste!  And trust me it works!!!  It doesn’t make you sleepy so you can definitely use it as a mid afternoon or evening tea (hot or cold) to just relax the mind and de-stress.  For me when I start feeling my cortisol ramping about 3pm instead of starting to come down the way it is suppose to…..this simple tea has been wonderful for me!  The cinnamon is great to keep the insulin levels at bay.

Here is one more twist!

I was thinking about the avocado seed tea I started doing last month.  Here is info on the advantages of using the avocado seed.

It had me thinking:  Why not combine these two ideas together!?  Why not get my potassium, magnesium, insulin regulator, and ANTIOXIDANTS…..all jammed together!

Voila!  2 banana peels, 1 avocado seed, 1 tbs of cinnamon, 5 drops of stevia, 2 quart pot of water….boiled for 10 minutes….simmer for 5-10 more…….pour hot or over ice…..sip!!! AND FEEL THE CALM TAKE OVER!!!!

In parting I think it is pretty cool that here is another beautiful example in how GOD has provided nutrients for us in the plants of HIS earth…..EVEN THE PART WE NORMALLY DISCARD!!!  He is WISE.  We just have to be willing to close our eyes, close our minds, and LISTEN to what HE has to share!!!

Have a fabulously TASTY TUESDAY!!

hugs and blessings,

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