Simple Love on Saturday

Stepping away from distractions is sometimes imperative in order to refocus on God’s mission for us.

I think that is what I have really been reflecting on this lent…and even more so this last week.

I was reflecting on my daily tasks and “to do” lists and wondering “what on this list is truly necessary?!”  What on this list is selfish motivated and not God centered?!  What on my list is helping me with my walk with Christ or what on the list is hindering my walk with Christ!?

As I reflect on this today I find myself stripping myself even more so from distractions.  I find myself letting go of so much mind clutter and unnecessary “junk” that are smoke screens created by the devil to prevent me from being the best version of myself.

Today I am going to focus on the task at hand: GOD, PRAYER, FAMILY, HOUSE PROJECT, CONNECTING WITH LOVED ONES WHO LIVE AWAY FROM ME.  That is truly the ONLY thing I need to think about and focus on.  

When my “to do’s” start getting too long or too big and I start getting overwhelmed I force myself to stop and look at it and ask myself:  Which of these are going to help me grow in my faith today to be a better representative of Christ to others?  And which of these on my judgement day is God going to shake is head and say “really you were worried about ___________, instead of tending to _________?!”

What do you find occupying your thoughts, your time?  Are your lists too much that they truly in the big picture ARE NOT AGAPE LOVE…..NOT LIFE GIVING?!

Keep life simple!

Have a gloriously Simple Saturday full of AGAPE LOVE!!!

blessings and hugs,

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