Facebook Love on Friday

I go back and forth with Facebook.  There are many amazing people spreading great information….great love….beautiful ripples.  And then there is the junk of gossip….the junk that really just sounds like a reality tv slash soap opera.

Facebook can be an easy time monopolizer for many….but if you think about it….it is no different than any and all other entertainment: internet searches, Netflix, YouTube, video games, emails, pinterest….etc.
I hear all sorts of reasoning’s why a person likes Facebook.  They keep up with friends and family they don’t get to see on a regular basis.  That is how they receive their most updated information on topics that are important to them depending on the pages they have “liked”.  It is obviously a way to share and spread good things but also not so good things.
I recently had an aha moment about my relationship with FACEBOOK.  
Let me explain.  I am not comparing FACEBOOK TO NINEVEH….even though I think it could be argued there probably are some parallels but we won’t go down that rabbit hole today….lol.
No, I am comparing myself to Jonah.  (Trust me I am NOT saying I am some great prophet….I am just a simple woman striving to do GODS WILL each and every day!!!)  In the sense that he did everything he could to avoid going to Nineveh yet in the end he went because he knew he couldn’t avoid God’s will.
I really really really would rather not be on FACEBOOK most of time….which I know doesn’t exactly give me great endorsement for me wanting to encourage others to read what I share either here or on Facebook.  But if I am going to be totally honest here and continue to share my faith walk well then I must be honest about how much I REALLY DON’T LIKE FACEBOOK!  
BUT….when I do go on I read something a dear friend has posted or great info being put out by some of the doctors I follow and I realize “ah ok, I was meant to read that today.”…..or….I post something and someone says “I really needed that…thank you for sharing.”
BUT….really the big thing that keeps me going to FACEBOOK is GOD.  Yep…..He ironically nudges me to go there.  I truly argue and wrestle with him about it.  But in the end He wins.  I have pondered on why He asks me to go there….and one of my thoughts is He knows I don’t get caught up in reading all that is there.  I don’t get sucked into hours and hours of just scrolling through what everyone is posting and saying.  I get on….post what HE has asked me to post and if I happen to read what was the most current feed that’s great but I am truly on and off in about 10-15 minutes.
So MAYBE it’s not so bad but I am going to still be vigilant with my time on it and definitely take advantage of the beauty of scheduling out posting when you manage a page.  I know the secret is out…lol.  I know you all know..surely you know…. that a person who manages a Facebook page or heck even a blog for that matter, can schedule out their postings.  This ensures that when they have a limited time they can make sure the content gets out when they want it to go out.  Spoiler alert!  Sorry if you didn’t know that :)……
Thus my thought today is:  Does FACEBOOK help me, help you, walk closer with Christ?  Does FACEBOOK give you the opportunity to share and show AGAPE LOVE to others?  Or do you do the opposite?  Do you take the opportunity to evangelize on FACEBOOK? Or do you just look for the latest scoop and opportunity to dig on someone!?
How can we use FACEBOOK more for GODS work and less for our wants!?
Have a glorious FACEBOOK LOVING DAY!
Hugs and blessings always,
~Kelly 🙂

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