Thrifty Love on Thursday

I was reflecting the other day on the Rice Bowl we fill during lent.  The Rice Bowl comes with this fold out that has a little snippet to read each day as well as a little something to do….usually to encourage putting some money into the bowl….a loving reminder!  I was reading how there are some countries where the people have to survive on $1 of food a day!


I have read that before….but it really hit home for me this time.  Maybe because I just did my grocery shopping yesterday.  Maybe because I was reflecting on how much we take for granted.  Maybe because I have been trying to really cut costs even more.  I don’t know but it really inspired a challenge within me.  COULD WE EAT ON $1 A DAY!!!

There are three of us in this house….thus three dollars a day….multiplied by seven days of the week.  Therefore $21 a week!


This would mean no utilizing anything I already have stored away….in my freezer….pantry….etc.

Now this challenge will be difficult for a a few weeks because my hubby is going to be in and out with work……BUT I do feel compelled to work toward this challenge each week so that by the week he will be consistently home for 7 days straight we do this.


I think it is important for my child….and myself to truly experience even just a partial aspect of what it truly means to live with very little.  To truly feel a little bit of hunger or want.

We take so much for granted living in this country.  And personally I think because we take so much for granted we have become a nation of entitlement.  We expect things to work the way we want them to.  We expect laws to bend to our whims.  We expect instant gratification.

There are places in the world that don’t have AMAZON PRIME to deliver them their dog food or toilette paper or gifts for so and so’s birthday party in 2 days!!!

There are places that don’t have 5 different stores to choose from within 2 miles to do any and all shopping needs.

WE ARE SPOILED!!!  Me included!!!

Thus I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this challenge not just for my daughter, my family, but myself!

I think it is important to step back from time to time and even if we can’t fully walk in another’s shoes we can put ourselves pretty darn close to it….to experience some of it….to gain some perspective….some appreciation!

I’ll keep you all updated as I cut away each week on my grocery bill and then the week we actually do the $21 grocery bill and what our meals and days looked like.

I hope this sparks some reflection in many of you.  And even if you don’t feel drawn to take the same challenge I am taking…..maybe putting a dollar a day a side to give to some entity to help.  Maybe you feel called or drawn to figure out how to help organize something else within your home or outside of your home to put you in a thought provoking situation that gives perspective and appreciation.

What thrifty thought moves you today to do something for others!?

Have a glorious day!
Hugs and blessings,

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