Worrying is NOT Love on Wednesday

There are moments I find myself worrying or thinking about my brain health with my thyroid/adrenal condition.  Knowing that my immune system, insulin levels, cortisol issues, vitamin level issues, and my genetic profile showing all sorts of scary stuff.

I do have things I have to consider and think about with my brain health.  My memory farts are not normal. Inflammation for me (headache, fatigue,gaps in thoughts) is something I must work at keeping at bay so as to not accelerate any degenerative brain cell damage.  Many people take their brain health for granted….I DO NOT ANYMORE.

The WHAT IF….tries to spill in.  But I say NO….God is on my side!!!

I also praise HIM knowing that I WILL pray that my brain health stays in tact with all of this.  I WILL pray for HIS WILL with my health….not mine.


I lean on some amazing SAINTS….Faustina truly comes to mind….not just because I am studying her right now….lol….and Therese (the little flower)….I have LOVE AND LEANED on her for at least 7 years if not more…..

Thus WORRY NOT!  Worry doesn’t leave room for LOVE.  You and I were designed for LOVE!  Thus I will love myself to beautiful health: mind, body, soul!  I will love as GOD intended me to love….all encompassing and all giving….and all emptying!

Life is truly a beautiful and amazing journey.  Why spend ANY time worrying about things that have not transpired yet or may never transpire!?

What do you find yourself worrying about too much?!  Stop….breath….love!  I promise you’ll feel better!

Hugs and prayers,
~Kelly 🙂

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