Stuff to Love on Saturday

I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning and something she said really resonated within me.  Well actually most of what she says always resonates in me but that’s besides the point…lol.   

She shared how we can complain and complain about the stuff we have (old car, job, house, family, friends) and then also be praying for God to give us more stuff (bigger house, better job, helpful children, attentive husband).  I loved her response, “Why would God give us more stuff to complain about!”
That is something to truly think about!
Do you find yourself complaining about the kitchen being a mess?  Instead of saying, “Thank You God that I have a kitchen to clean. That I was able to put food on the table for myself and my family.  I didn’t have to worry or wonder if I would eat today.”
Do you complain about your back yard being a mess and not well taken care of?  Instead say thank you God for allowing me to have the extra space for my dogs to run around in and to know my child is safe to play.  And I’m going to start coming out here and work on this space because I know I can use the fresh air and appreciate the space as well!
Do you put on a dress or pair of pants and complain it doesn’t quite fit right or it’s not the right color.  Do you start doing mental self attack?  Instead how about say thank you God for the clothes I do have to wear because I know there are so many out there with no choices in a closet. And I’m sorry Lord I can be critical of this beautiful temple you have lent me. Help me to be more loving and appreciative of all it can do for me!
When you find yourself wanting to complain about STUFF….instead figure out what you can do with that STUFF that shows greater appreciation and respect of that STUFF.  And maybe just maybe you’ll start appreciating the stuff you do have and not even feel the want of other or more stuff!
What STUFF can you appreciate better today? This week? This month?!
I’m going to really focus on my back yard! My garden! My neighborhood! I’m going to quit wishing I have hiking trails closer.  I’m going to assess creating the oasis I know my back yard can be.  And I’m going to take the time to get my hands dirty with my garden!
Share with me!  Let me learn from you!!
Hugs and prayers always,
Kelly 🙂
BOOK:  The Hormone Reset…..3 more days after today and we will move on to another book :-)…
MOVEMENT:  planks…hold for 1minute…then side plank for 1 minute…switch sides for a minute….squats for one minute…do 3 sets…stretch!
NUTRITIONAL NUGGET: Caffeine.  Lose it.. Why?  CORTISOL.    I have learned so much about cortisol because of my adrenal issues.  My adrenal health was really bad a year ago.  It has gotten better but it still has a ways to go.  One thing I have discovered for me is caffeine really makes a difference, even in green tea.  So I have gone caffeine free because it is truly not worth the havoc it creates in my body.  Check out all the picture resources I have included today to understand better how cortisol is so important to have functioning properly.  Weight is not the only concern.  There are some serious concerns out there with adrenal health. Addison’s disease it not something a person wants to play with or even tempt their body into.  Love yourself enough to understand the fight or flight response cortisol releases and when it’s misfiring how detrimental it can be for your whole health: mind, body, soul.   
TASTY TIP:  Chicory tea.   This is my alternative response to coffee.  I love it.  You can get it mixed with other herbs with brands like TEACINNO or you can make your own blends.  Ask me anytime some of the ways I love to create my own mixes.   Or check out some of my precious Facebook posts with recipes. 

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