Loving my Sour Savings on Saturday

I have been pondering for a bit now about my lemon juice. I go through A LOT of lemon juice!

I alternate between buying fresh lemons to squeeze to use each day for my water, tea, etc….and purchasing the organic fresh squeezed straight up lemon juice (Santa Cruz brand). I can go through about 1-2 jars a week.

My ponder has been:  How many lemons would it take to fill up the 2 cup jar?  And would I save if I did it myself!?

This week I set out to do exactly that.  Lemons were on sale.  5 for a dollar.  The ready squeezed jars are $4.99.

The result:  It took 12 lemons to fill the jar…..cost…$2.40!
 Sooooo half the cost…..

Caveat…..these lemons weren’t organic…..frown face…..and the already squeezed is organic!  Thus in order for me to TRULY do this test is to pick organic lemons.

This is my simple thrifty tid-bit for the day….nothing earth shattering….lol….

Saving for me is truly an expression of LOVE.  I absolutely LOVE saving money, time, etc.  For me it is about where can I help our family be blessed in another area that money might be tight.  Or what can we do with this savings that can bless another.

Marriage is truly a beautiful balance because I would probably live in a tiny home or one of those pod trailers traveling from state to state….with no possessions…..or very few.  It truly drives my sweet hubby crazy.  Every time I get itchy to clean out the house and get rid of stuff, I think it makes him nervous because he’s never sure what of his might go missing….lol.  (I actually learned years ago to ask him first and then also to help him see if he is REALLY using it!?)

Thus trying to save money on groceries….anything really….is just part of my nature!  I love it.  I love learning from it.  I love the doors it opens up in my mind of all the possibilities and creative ways to save!  BUT….I don’t obsess about it.  I don’t allow it to ROB our family of fun and life.  I make sure and keep it balanced….thus meeting the definition of AGAPE love…..life giving….sacrificing…..real…..whole….complete….

What kind of experiment can you do this week that allows you to compare something you buy already put together to something you buy and do from scratch?  How much will you save?  What can you learn from it?  Share below….I wait patiently to hear any thoughts and comments! 🙂

Have a glorious day!
Blessings and hugs,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  Color Color Color!  These new coloring books have become all the rage!  The funny thing is I have known the calming nature of color books for years.  I have ALWAYS enjoyed sitting and coloring with my daughter.  I received my first ZEN coloring book about 3 or 4 years ago from my sister in law.  What I love about them is the detail in more intricate so you have to take even more time.  It can truly take hours to finish one page.  I love coloring and even writing notes….thoughts….journal…..in them!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  10 burpees every hour!  Hit it! 🙂

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