Loving Warrior on Wednesday

I love being strong.  I love knowing I can lift a 50 pound bag of dog food and it not be a big deal.  I love knowing I can help my husband move our furniture out of our living room so he can install our new flooring.

I love all of that because it means I get to truly do for others!  For me being strong and physical isn’t about the cool ripped muscles I have developed.  I don’t love my muscles so I can show them off.   I love being strong because I am a person who likes to help out physically.  When we are at the church and there is a need for chairs and tables to be set up or taken down…..I love the opportunity to help.  I see a person at the store struggling with something….I know I can help.

We all have the warrior within us.  We just have to find him or her!  Some of us our warrior may be just like mine, but another person’s warrior might be honesty.   That is my daughter.  She is bluntly honest.  I realized at a very early age I needed to help her learn how and when honesty is appropriate and that it needs to be spoken with agape love.  Maybe your warrior is great with numbers so you are able to help others manage a budget.

Not only find your warrior….love your warrior with in…..but don’t question or doubt your warrior.

I was reflecting the other day on the difference of Peter and John…..two of Christ’s Apostles.   Peter was strong and forceful but he seemed to always need to reassure Christ of his love for him.  John on the other hand KNEW who he was in and for Christ.  He knew he was loved.  He didn’t let his insecurities and or humanity mucky up that love…that knowledge.  He said “he was the one the Lord loved.”   Now that can seem kind of self centered BUT IT’S NOT….because it freed him to be the WARRIOR for Christ he was made to be!  This doesn’t make Peter any less important….it just makes living life refreshing….unencumbered!

My daughter is John!  She is an amazing example of living her faith with no doubts of God’s LOVE….therefore it frees herself up to LOVE others just as they are….even if she doesn’t like them!

Have you found your WARRIOR within?  How do you LOVE others being the WARRIOR you were designed to be?  Share below!  Let’s create a nation….a world….of WARRIOR WOMEN….and MEN :)!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This book goes perfect with today’s topic.  There is an adult version of MADE TO CRAVE…..but this is the “for young women” version that was co-authored.  I have been reading this book off and on with my daughter over this last year.  What I absolutely love about this book is how it talks about anything that may distract us from God’s love.  The main author in the adult version focuses mostly on her struggle and craving of food…..but in this version it helps young ladies see how many things can distract us from CRAVING GOD…..it also helps young ladies understand the pitfalls of pre-teen and teen years and how to avoid many catastrophes and spiritual wounds when we keep our focus on GOD….and remember like John…we ARE THE BELOVED ONES!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Did you ever wish you could be a ballerina!?  Well Barre exercises are fun, strengthening, and gives you a moment to feel just like that ballerina in SWAN LAKE!  It’s a lot tougher than you think and an amazing workout.  I have this video with short 10 minute workouts that help me feel elegant and amazing…..even if it is for only 10 minutes….lol!

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