Motivated Movement on Monday

Mary!  She is my motivation to get up in the mornings and get moving.

“What not God?!”….may be the outcry….but let me explain… is God….whole heartily…..but I am able to use Mary just as He did…a vessel…a motivator….
A MOTHER who lovingly prompts me to get my day going.


As soon as I open my eyes laying there in my bed waking my mind, body, and soul….I start to reflect on WHO am I offering up my morning rosary for.  Once I have it clear in my head, I roll out of bed (literally) on to the the floor to start doing deep breathing exercises.  As I am sitting there on my knees taking each breath into my diaphragm, holding, and then exhaling….I am further reflecting on my prayers I am about to start.  I thank God for giving ME  yet one more day to say I LOVE YOU….I am here to do YOUR WILL.

I then quickly do anywhere from 20-40 pushups…it truly just depends on how motivated I feel.  Then 20 kickbacks on each side, with 10 side raises.  I finish up with a downward dog stretch….reach up….shake out….grab my phone and head to the bathroom.

This is where I start my rosary app.  As I start praying for my intentions, the app helps keep me focused and keeps my mind from wondering and getting cluttered with other junk.  Now many of you may not think of body brushing as a “movement” sort of thing….but it helps stimulate the lymphatic system to do its job plus it is great for helping your body slough off the dead skin and give great circulation to the body.

Here I am praying my rosary while I oil pull, body brush, get dressed, spit oil, tongue scrape, brush teeth, head to the kitchen, bring mini trampoline into house (too cold for garage right now), any weights or kettle bells I am going to use, start my tea, pour lemon juice with apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it down!  I breath….smile….put on my shoes sit for a moment on the edge of the mini trampoline to make sure I am still present to my rosary.

I determine in my head at that point….”I need to get moving…..this is good for my thyroid….what is my fatigue level….how much should I or shouldn’t I do…..”

Then I step on the mini trampoline and start “walking”… this point my rosary either is ending up or has one more decade left.  For me it  is important to get on my mini trampoline before my rosary is complete because I won’t sit during my rosary therefore if it is still going then I have to be moving….therefore I might as well get warmed up while I determine what my motivation level is!

It is funny because I have ALWAYS loved working out…exercise….movement….BUT ON MY TERMS!!!  LOL….

What I mean is….I really don’t care for sports, organized exercise, even classes….I LOVE IT ON MY TERMS…SOLITARY….now in the afternoons, evenings…even mid morning….I love going for walks with others….hikes….and I do like participating in 5K’s but for the most part I don’t want to be bound by someone else’s expectations of what I should or shouldn’t be doing with my exercise.

I understand some people need outside motivation…..they thrive on the gym or class scene.  I don’t….probably because I love to start my day out with movement/exercise and I also like my personal space in the morning.

I think many people who do not exercise have just not found what works right for them.  They are intimidated….or see it as “work”…..and I understand some of us just don’t find exercise as a fun thing to do.

BUT….I want everyone to understand MOVEMENT doesn’t have to be boring…WORK….drudgery.

I didn’t grow up in a highly active family so trust me it wasn’t something that just came naturally in that sense.  For me it was in internal motivation.  I realized I truly felt better, MIND, BODY, SOUL better, when I moved.

I dabbled with weight lifting in high school but really fell in love with it when I was in the Navy.  For me that was my fit.  But back in the 90’s chronic cardio was still the fad….so hadn’t learned the art of moving for short bursts and feeling really great about it and reaping amazing results for it.

FAST FORWARD….2016….for the last 5 years I have fine tuned my MOVEMENT to not be work….to truly be fun….enjoyable…and something I look forward to EVEN and especially WHEN I’m having low energy due to my thyroid.

It doesn’t matter what your health condition is, your motivation, your skill, your whatever….you too CAN love moving…..and keep the “workout” on the shelf….and focus more on MOVING the body for health and wellness in your MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Okay I have shared what my “warm up” basically looks like above….but what about the part where I actually work up a sweat and get my metabolism working but not push it too hard to create more havoc for my adrenals?!

These days, this is what a workout may look like for me:

15-20 minutes on the mini trampoline, rotating say 1 minute on the mini, a minute doing a kettle bell swing, another minute on the mini, then 5 pull ups, a minute on the mini, a minute of jumping jacks, a minute on the mini, a minute with lunges… get the idea…..that is a very motivated kind of day.

A not so motivated day may be something like this…..

5 minutes on the mini, 2 minutes of step ups with over head press (2-5 pound weights in my hands for the mini and the stepup/press ups)….rotating something like this for 15-20 minutes…

A really not motivated day….

15-20 minutes mini tramp with weights in hand….”jog/walk”….pop off from time to time to do a plank or wall sit for a minute….pop back on…etc….

BUT NO MATTER WHAT I GET ON THE MINI TRAMP EVERY MORNING OUT OF PURPOSE AND PRACTICE…..because I KNOW just because I may not FEEL like it at the moment….I KNOW I WILL FELL BETTER once I have started…..

Think of those wind up toys….or a jack in the box… have to turn and turn and turn the handle before they can GO GO GO……that is how I view my thyroid….my metabolism…..since I have a slow burning metabolism (I learned that from the DNA testing I did back in November) it needs some help….some prompting….some winding up!

With all this in mind I realized I am going to start sharing what I did for my workout each day.  At the end of each posting after the BOOK OF THE DAY…..I am going to add MY MOVEMENT/EXERCISE TODAY WAS……and then I will post what I did that morning…..and what I did through out the day before….I will figure it all out… you can see that movement does not have to be just one isolated moment in the day.  If you truly don’t have the time for even 15 minutes then you CAN break it up into 1-5 minute bursts throughout the day.  You don’t need gadgets to keep track of your steps (you can use them if they truly help you) but all you need really is your MIND, BODY, SOUL……you know what you are or aren’t doing in the day…..YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE to move with motivation!!!

Have a glorious and blessed Monday!

I would love to hear how you move with motivation!  Leave a comment below on what works best for you….or what kind of motivation you think you need!?  Let’s all help each other!!

hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This book of 40 DAYS OF BETTER LIVING….was simple, easy and quick for each day.  What I liked about it when I did it was how it was written truly as a devotional sort of layout.  Very simple to read, reflect, and journal in 5-10 minutes tops.  There were many things I was already doing.  For me I did it because it was about refocusing on health being about GOD as my focus not aesthetics.  I didn’t agree with some of the nutritional recommendations, but that is because we have learned so much about health that I just pretty much ignored that aspect of it and focused on my veggies and minimal meat.

MOVEMENT FOR THE DAY:  This morning I was feeling really slow….so I started out on the mini trampoline and sure enough within 5 minutes I was feeling good so I then started to rotate 1 minute mini, 1 minute lunges, I did this 3 times, then went into a rotation of 1 min mini, 1 min jumping jacks, I threw in 1 minute of deep squats….I rotated all this for right at 20 minutes….got off….did some deep stretching for about 5 minutes and called it good.   Later today I plan on going for a walk because it is going to be beautiful!  I will probably be moving around a lot today between lessons on the yoga ball, and standing at my kitchen counter working on the budget, and during my phone date with a dear friend I will do deep house cleaning……all great movement and variety for the body!

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