Finding Me on Friday

42 years ago ROE V WADE was put into place…..


I was born in 1974…..

My parents had a choice…..

They chose life!!!

And because of that simple choice…that act of faith….


MY LIFE….with all of you!

Today how are you going to say THANK YOU to your parents for saying YES to life?

Today how are you going to show the world…or even your neck of the woods…how you believe in the SANCTITY OF LIFE….ALL LIFE?!

Our local area does a yearly WALK FOR LIFE.  It takes place tomorrow….and that is what I will be doing…I will be showing my support….my stand….my belief….my THANK YOU to my parents for saying YES to life!

Have a fabulous Friday…..
hugs and prayers always,

PS…..I have really enjoyed sharing the books as my pictures that with the whole TAYLOR MARSHALL inspired thought (he has a verse of the day and a latin word of the day for his podcast!)….I am going to keep ending my postings with the BOOK OF THE DAY :)….so with that….

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:   I haven’t actually read this book yet….and it truly sparked joy when I picked it up between the holidays…but I loved the idea of growing even deeper in Love with God and my prayer life… I will start this prayer dare book today and keep you all posted on how it is going!

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