Short and Sweet on Saturday!




These are all wonderful ways to learn more about your spouse, your child/children, friends, family….YOURSELF!!!

I have always loved learning what makes us tick and how we can communicate best with others as well as help others truly HEAR us.

I am sure it is not a great surprise to hear my LOVE LANGUAGE is WORDS……my TEMPERAMENT is PHLEGMATIC…..and my PERSONALITY is MEDIATOR.

Of course we all have secondaries to each of these which is funny for me because my secondary temperament is actually in conflict with my primary.

My point in all this…..

I realized this week our family has become rusty in recognizing each other’s gifts and talents in each of these areas as well as needs.  Thus I decided it would be to our benefit to make a fun game of it this weekend.  Last night we started with the personality tests of reading the questions letting the individual actually answer but also us giggle and help them be more open in realizing an area they may be more of than they realize.  It was fun.  We giggled and were able to see some interesting things about each others personalities.  I look forward to us continuing this weekend.

What we all need to ALWAYS REMEMBER is just because we may know this information or do this doesn’t mean it can be put on the shelf and not applied!  It takes continual work….continual practice….continual love and patience.

Hope you all have fun exploring and growing together in this amazing journey of life!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS…today’s book picture is of a cook book that has not only been a huge blessing with my health journey this last year but has also been the cook book my darling daughter has enjoyed many recipes from.  It has truly brought our family together and more on the same page of how to eat and why to eat a certain way!

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