Thrifty Thursday

I feel fabulous about my grocery shopping trip yesterday!  I focused on just sale items…and even purchased a few “treats” LARABARS which were on sale.  I kept it all under $80!!!!

When I read the book Living Well Spending Less, I loved what she shared….well everything that she shared….but especially about how she started her blog for accountability.  Therefore I thought what a great way for me to also stick to one of my New Years goals of spending less, and only shopping the sales, but to share with you my weekly shopping adventures.

Yesterday I really focused on the sales and thought of what on my list did I really really really need and what could wait that wasn’t on sale.  What meals and creative stuff could I do with what was on sale and with what I already had in my frig, freezer, and pantry!

I feel amazingly accomplished in getting this year off to the right start with really revamping our budget once again and weeding out the unnecessary.  I am going to create some amazing meals with all this and continue to thrive with health: MIND, BODY, SOUL!

My family will enjoy all the things I can create and I will enjoy all the fun I will have creating!

Wish I could hang out longer here and tell you all the meals I plan on making with this ensemble but maybe next time :)…..

Till tomorrow be healthy….have fun….and have a fabulous day!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS…’s picture of a book is all about FOOD…..getting back to basics….real food….which is truly what this shopping expedition was all about… will see by my receipt the only thing not a one ingredient item is the LARABARS!  Find your joy in creating things from scratch.  It is amazing…..empowering….exhilarating!!!

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