I like to view friendships in many ways.

Each friend is like a different flower with different purposes, colors, fragrances to give life to our lives.

Each friend can be compared to a character in a book or a favorite show or movie, creating banter and dialogue for the real drama of life.

Each friend can be a direction on the compass, always keeping us on target, on task, or leading us toward adventures.

Each friend could be a different virtue for us that strengthens us on this journey.

And each friend can be a representation of each person of the Holy Trinity…the comforter, the friend, the wisdom, the guide, the love for our life.

Either way however you see friendships they truly are an important part of our life.  After all they are the family we CHOOSE.  We are not born into the friendships, they happen with prayer, circumstances, work, and lots of love, compassion, and mercy!

I could describe each of my friends that are very dear and near to me….the ones who I truly go to for different struggles, different joys, different guidance’s, in so many ways.

Let’s take flowers for example.  I have roses, lilies, irises, daisies, and tulips in my bouquet.

Collection of characters, I have a Lori-lie/Sukie  combo (Gilmore Girls), JJ Virgin, Fr. Elijah (book Fr. Elijah), Joyce Meyer, and a Little House on the Prairie Ma friend.

Each of them provide either the courage I need, serenity, joy, perseverance, love, patience, peace, wisdom…you name it they each have a way of bringing out  the best in me in their own way.

And they each definitely provide a different aspect of the Holy Trinity.  I have one friend who is truly my comforter… who is truly my teacher… who is my counselor…..several who are combinations….

I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.  I would sell everything I own if it would help them if they were in that great of a need.  They are my family!  They have each been there for me over the course of the years through so many joys and sorrows in my life….and ironically I have had this main handful for approximately the same length of time.

 A fabulous example of how each of them met a different need during a moment in my life that I wasn’t even sure how I would breath again….  One friend made sure I had a journal to write in, she brought me a meal and silently loved me.  Another created the joy and laughter in my life I so desperately needed.  Yet another held me every moment she could.  While another sat on a park bench and shared with me her own similar experience and how it will make me stronger in time.  While another kept me going and helped me remember I still had things to take care of, yet in a loving and merciful way.

Today…..reflect on friendships and how they are truly the family in our life that brings us closer to the Trinity….how they are the color in our life…the characters that give us depth….and virtues that strengthen us.

Have a fabulous Friday….and heck reach out to even just one of those friends today and let them know just how important they are to you!

blessings and hugs always,

PS…Today’s book picture….how can you dig deeper into your spiritual life and discover the amazing woman you were and are made to be….how can you grow in your friendships with this amazing knowledge!?

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